If you are a parent you may recognize that feeling of desperation and defeat when your baby continues to fight sleep or keeps you up at night. What if we told you there’s a way to regain confidence and establish routines that help your kids sleep better and optimize well-being for the whole family? Well, there is!

Sleep Cycle Kids app is your new personal baby sleep coach. It is centered around an intelligent sleep schedule that adapts to each individual child and gives parents the personalized tools to determine the optimal bedtime, reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and identify and change other behaviors that can be problematic for children’s sleep.


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The baby sleep app that lets parents improve children’s sleep

Sleep Cycle Kids allows you to:

  • Be in control – the app helps you establish a more predictable routine for your child and gives you better control of your child’s sleep schedule and bedtime routines.
  • Learn what works for your child – Establishing routines is a time consuming trial and error process. You know your child best, and with the help of logging sleep and conditions you will gain insights, learn and become better – faster.
  • Regain confidence – Know that you are doing the right thing with the help from a scientifically validated library of articles and tools written by our sleep experts. The information enhances your understanding of infant sleep and prepares you for implementing a range of sleep solutions.
  • Reduce stress – collaborate with other caregivers to share the efforts of tugging

Why use a baby sleep tracker like Sleep Cycle Kids?

This app is beneficial for all parents with young children (0-36 months) who wish for personalized tools to help improve sleep and well being for their entire family.

Sleep Cycle’s Head of Sleep Science and main contributor to the development of the app explains:

“Babies rarely sleep through the night on their own. And we’ve learned over time that if adults don’t get enough sleep then just about every aspect of their functioning suffers, including parenting. By accompanying the family over time, ‘Sleep Cycle Kids’ will help maintain healthy sleep habits and have a positive impact on sleep, health and mood for both children and their parents”.

Sleep Cycle Kids’ main features

  • Smart sleep schedule – Your input and our algorithm creates a personalized sleep schedule that fits your child’s sleep cycle
  • Option to log sleep related conditions to help you understand your child’s optimal bedtime routine
  • Sleep diary – gives you insights into your child’s sleep development over time
  • A library full of articles and tools on healthy sleep development at different ages, such as the 4 month sleep regression and why babies fight sleep
  • Support for multiple children and caregivers– all your kids can be tracked with the same subscription, by multiple caregivers
  • Compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch – Log easily with Apple Watch App
  • Automatic detection of nightly wake-ups with the help of our cry detection sound algorithm
Screenshots of the Sleep Cycle Kids app

Sleep Cycle Kids is much more than a baby sleep tracker. It’s an effective, personalized tool to optimize sleep and well-being for your whole family. When your child sleeps well, so will you.


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Backed by science, created by sleep experts

Sleep Cycle Kids has been developed in consultation with Sleep Cycle’s Dr. Li Åslund and Professor Mike Gradisar. Dr. Åslund is a psychologist and doctor of sleep medicine, with experience in treating sleep problems as well as developing digital tools for improving sleep in children and adults. Professor Gradisar’s infant sleep research has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, Forbes, and Reuters. He also sits on the Advisory Board for the Pediatric Sleep Council in Australia.

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