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Take the guesswork out of your child's sleep patterns. With the ability to log daytime naps and night sleep, you'll receive personalized guidance showing you when your little one is most likely to drift off to sleep.

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Learn what works

Understand your child's sleep development, and know that you are doing the right thing with help from a library of articles and tools written by our sleep experts

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Log easily with Apple Watch

Say goodbye to fumbling with your phone while trying to log your little one's sleep. With the power of an Apple Watch, you can do it all with just a few taps on your wrist.

Keep track of multiple kids, and enjoy the ease and convenience of logging nap times and bedtimes on-the-go.

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Endorsed by sleep experts

Photo of Prof Mike Gradisar

Prof Mike Gradisar

Head of Sleep Science, Sleep Cycle Clinical Psychologist

“After 20+ years researching infant sleep and working face-to-face with families - it's time to teach your family about how sleep works, and how you can gain more control over it.”

Photo of Dr Li Åslund

Dr Li Åslund

Sleep expert, Sleep Cycle Clinical Psychologist

"From my clinical experience and being a mother of three young children I understand the struggles of sleep. Sleep Cycle Kids is a great tool to create and maintain healthy sleep habits.”

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Frequently asked questions

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Sleep Cycle Kid's prediction model is primarily driven by the concept of a baby's sleep pressure. This is intended to give an estimation of your baby's suggested nap times and bedtime each day. The more consistently you track your child's sleep - the more accurate the suggestions are. And these suggestions will adapt as your baby develops. We need at least one day of logging in order to provide you with a prediction.

Please note that these are recommendations only. You are free to choose a time each day that your baby naps and falls asleep at night. Your baby's sleep will ultimately benefit from consistency.

Go to our Library to read more about sleep pressure, naps and sleep development.

In the Diary you will get more insight into your child's sleep development over time.

We can't manage your subscription as it is tied to your ID with Apple. To manage your subscription in the app go to "Settings" and then to "subscription".

If you are a premium user you will have the option to change your plan, while if you are a free user you can upgrade to premium.

Don't worry. You can either scroll back in the log, press the sleep session, and edit it. Or if you are a premium user you can even go to the diary, choose the day, and go into details. There you will have the option to edit your logged sleep sessions.

Sleep Cycle Kids is both offered as a free and premium service. The free version gives you access to the sleep log and feedback, while the premium version gives you access to the diary, library and our Apple Watch App. In the diary you will get a deeper understanding of your childs sleep development over time and you will also be able to get a summary of the logged sleep. In the library you will get access to articles and tools written by our sleep experts.

Refunds are managed by Apple since your purchases are tied to your Apple ID. Follow these steps to claim a refund. 1) When you purchase an app, you get a receipt from Apple. 2) This receipt contains a link that says “Report A Problem”. 3) Click on that link from within that receipt. It takes you to Apple's portal for refunds. 4) To claim a refund for your subscription, click on Subscriptions. 5) From here, you can report your issue, describe the details and ask for a refund.