Sleep Cycle machine learning snore tracker

Identify and track snoring with Sleep Cycle machine learning technology

Released today, Sleep Cycle alarm clock 5.4 for iOS features snore tracking, using Northcube’s machine learning based sound technology to identify and distinguish snoring. The latest release records, measures, and track sounds of snoring, enabling users to analyze what affect it has on their general sleep quality.

“We want to make sure we give back to our users and truly help them find ways to improve their sleep, while at the same time continue to develop new groundbreaking technology and forefront solutions in the area of mobile device sleep tracking.”

– Maciek Drejak, CEO of Northcube and Founder of Sleep Cycle alarm clock.

The new version of Sleep Cycle identifies snoring, separates the sound of snoring from other sounds, and records snippets of snoring throughout the night. The new snore tracking feature enables users to learn if they snore, identify what effect snoring might have on their general sleep quality, and measure the effect of snore remedies they try out, making sure users have all the information they need to find ways to improve sleep quality.

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