Sleep Cycle Android Free

Sleep Cycle Android is now Free

Waking up easy just got easier. Sleep Cycle Android is now available for free with all basic functionality included and a premium subscription option for Android users thirsting for more in depth stats and functions.

All Sleep Cycle Android users who previously downloaded the application as paid are entitled to Premium features for life, excluding online backup, which continues to be available as a separate annual subscription.

Sleep Cycle Freemium for Android version includes

  • Intelligent wake-up
  • Sleep analysis during night
  • Nightly sleep graph
  • Wide range of alarm melodies
  • Intelligent snooze
  • Export of sleep database

Sleep Cycle Premium for Android includes

  • Online back-up, previously known as SleepSecure, enabling you to transfer between devices and back up your sleep data.
  • Wide range of sleep aid sounds
  • Wake-up mood record
  • Additional alarm sounds

Download it on Google Play now.

For questions, please contact Northcube Support.


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