What’s new in Sleep Cycle 5.3?

Ever had a bad nights sleep that feels totally random? Does your Sleep Cycle data differ from the norm at a certain time of the month? Ever wondered if the moon affects your sleep? Sleep Cycle 5.3 is here to let you know.

Now the time has come for you to find out! Sleep Cycle 5.3 features data on what affect moon phases may or may not have on your sleep. Adding a deeper level of understanding to those night yo might not be sleeping all that well despite all your best effort to stick to your good sleep promoting habits. Update to Sleep Cycle 5.3 to unlock the feature and start exploring!

Let there be light!
In the latest update Sleep Cycle 5.3, we have also improved the support for Philips HUE, including making sure Philips HUE 2.0 now works perfectly. Sleep Cycle and Philips HUE works perfectly together, complementing each other making sure you wake up calm and rested in light sleep at the perfect time with the help of natural light.

If you’re more into tunes
On popular demand we have now launched several new alarm melodies and ambient alarm sounds to make sure your wake up goes as smoothly and feels and pleasant as possible. Tailor your Sleep Cycle with your favorite tunes or set it to random and let Sleep Cycle 5.3 surprise you in the morning!

Update to the latest version of Sleep Cycle now

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