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A sleep and health program for companies. Tailored for everyday use.

Sleep Cycle’s Bootcamp is a four-week-long, web-based sleep and health program to achieve better sleep for better health, wellbeing, and performance on your team, both at work and in their private life. Upgrade your company with higher energy levels, increased resilience, and fewer signs of stress and burnout.

Your team’s sleep can also be trained.

Our Bootcamp is designed so your team uses the Sleep Cycle app to better understand their sleeping habits. They will also discover the strong connection between sleep and their state of mind, physical and mental health and wellbeing through activities, seminars, and challenges. All carried out with our sleep experts’ support.

Week 1 - Kick-off

Your kick-off is a visit from us. We give you the knowledge and the basics for better sleep, why it is good for your team, and how everyone can get a better recovery.

Week 2 - Tracking sleep habits and patterns.

We help your team get started with the Sleep Cycle app as a tool for tracking and analyzing their sleep habits and patterns. After that, everybody is ready to begin their training!

Week 3 - Challenge accepted

Your team follows a steady rhythm of challenges and activities. Combined with ongoing results from the training, everybody gets a daily update about their journey to better sleep.

Week 4 - Towards a healthier workplace

We perform a final seminar where we’ll gather your experiences and questions. As a farewell gift, we’ll give you the ultimate tips for endurance around better sleep for a healthier workplace and life!

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