How Sleep Cycle works

Guiding you to better sleep.

Gentle wake-ups at the perfect time, relaxing sleep sounds, snore tracking, and tailored sleep programs.


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How the Sleep Cycle app works
Sleep Cycle - Wake up screen

Never wake up tired

Wake up feeling rested with an alarm that knows the ideal time to wake you up.

Sleep analysis screen in the Sleep Cycle app

Understand your sleep

Learn what affects your sleep quality and how it improves over time, with detailed daily insights.

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Tailored advice

Stay on top of your sleep habits with advanced sleep tracking, tailored advice and continuous coaching.

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Listen to your sleep

Listen to sound recordings of your snoring, sleep talk, and other sounds. Identify if you experience irregular breathing patterns during sleep.

Upgrade your sleep with Sleep Cycle

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How does Sleep Cycle improve my sleep?

Sleep Cycle gives you all the tools you need to understand, improve, and enjoy sleep.

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Wake up gently at the perfect time

The Smart Alarm Clock wakes you up gradually and on time during your lightest sleep phase. It feels like waking up without an alarm clock. For an even softer wake up, integrate Sleep Cycle with your smartwatch for gentle vibrations. Gone are the days of startling alarms.

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Relax your mind and body, fall asleep faster

Fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer with soothing music, relaxing ambience and guided meditations. Sleep Aid offers comfort to reduce anxiety, calms your breathing, and provides relaxation to your body and mind.

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Discover how your habits affect your sleep

Use sleep notes, Journal & Statistics to make positive changes. Learn about your sleep duration and quality each night, and how your daytime activities affect your sleep.

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Snore or talk in your sleep?

Sleep tracking and recording. During tracking, sound detection identifies snoring, coughing, and talking, enabling you to see and listen to what is affecting your sleep. Sleeping with a snorer? No problem. The app can tell which snores belong to you.

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Improve your sleep quality with sleep coaching

Learn new ways to improve your sleep with interactive and guided Sleep Programs. Consistency is key for improving sleep. Sleep Goal encourages a consistent bedtime and wake-up time. Combined with Sleep Programs, it helps you establish sleep routines suited to your needs.

Need more information? Check out our support page or summarized user guide to features and functions.

Why users love and trust Sleep Cycle:

“I have a HIGH stress job, and letting go of the day is difficult. This app is worth the investment!”

“The app allowed me to identify extended periods of snoring, and I contacted my doctor and tested positive for sleep apnea.”

“This app is soo much better than I thought it could be. Has taught me so much about my sleep patterns and how to improve them!

“The absolute best. Wakes me up at the optimal time. Never groggy anymore.”

“I went through and tried almost every sleep app. This gave the best usability”

Backed by science, created by sleep experts 

Sleep Cycle is a one-stop sleep solution created by machine learning engineers, doctors, psychologists and the world’s leading authorities on sleep.  Every night contributes to better insights, improved analysis and better features for our users. To understand why our sleep app stands out from the rest, try it yourself tonight. 

Prof. Mike Gradisar

Prof. Mike Gradisar
Head of Sleep Science at Sleep Cycle

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