How the Sleep Cycle app works

Sleep is the platform on which nutrition, exercise and mindfulness reside. But these pillars for your health aren’t nearly as efficient if your sleep’s not working. Some sleep a lot, like the endearing sloth that clocks in about 15-18 hours per day. But the mighty elephant only logs 2 hours per night. But what does a normal sleep cycle look like for humans? We end up somewhere in between, most of us needing 7 to 9 hours each night to recover and restore.

Sleep Cycle helps you to better health through better sleep. At its heart, it tracks your sleep cycles by listening to your sounds. It analyses those sounds by help of ever-evolving machine learning algorithms, and presents the results to you and helps you understand your sleep with unique data analysis and graphs. The habits that influence it and what you can do to improve your rest and recovery.

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Sleep Cycle Stages

We rest through four to six sleep cycles per night. Each sleep cycle has different sleep stages. They all serve their purpose to provide you with quality rest, and each sleep cycle varies in length across the night. Sleep cycles also differ from person to person. Don’t stress out if yours don’t resemble some googled idea of what’s normal or perfect for sleep. We’re all different. If your body says you’re rested, you probably are.

Sleep cycle stages graph

Track and analyze sleep patterns

Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns through these sleep cycles. Using the microphone, it listens to and analyses your sounds by help of machine learning. Then, Sleep Cycle presents to you an idea of the quality of your rest and what influences that quality. You really don’t need a tracker to tell you if you slept well or not. But Sleep Cycle is immensely useful in figuring out the cause and what you can change or maintain, to reach or keep better sleep.

Track and analyze your sleep patterns

Sleep Cycle is by and large, an autonomous sleep tracking tool. Turn it on before bedtime and put it on the nightstand, and it does the rest. Everything it records and stores, is private and only yours. We don’t share your sleep data with anyone. If you got an Apple Watch, you don’t need the phone to track your sleep patterns. Use Sleep Cycle on the watch instead, and work with the results on your phone at a time that’s convenient for you.