Do you often find yourself agonizing over whether your screen time is messing with your sleep? To address some of our users’ most pressing questions on sleep and screens, Sleep Cycle has launched a sleep program collection dedicated to ‘Screens & technology’ to share the true impact of screen time on your sleep.

Spoiler alert! The series will bust many of the myths on screens, blue light and technology’s effect on sleep.


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Sleep Cycle’s Head of Sleep Science, Prof. Mike Gradisar has spent the most part of the last two decades researching the effects of technology on our sleep. Drawing from his learnings, he created a collection of eight science-based podcasts to help navigate users’ desire to make technology and sleep work for them.

8 ‘Screens and technology’ programs

visual of a woman trying to fall asleep after the use of screens

1. The beginning

An introduction to the entire collection and what you can expect to learn along the way.

visual of a woman playing video games at night.

2. Violent video violence

Mike explores whether there is a link between violent video games and poor sleep.

visual of a computer on a table with a heart.

3. Gamers are equal

A deep dive into the impact of content on our screens on our sleep.

visual of a woman in bed with her tablet on.

4. See the light

Does blue light from our screens really affect our sleep? Listen and find out.

visual of a man using his laptop late at night.

5. Risk and reward

Mike explains how risktaking may influence your screen time experience. Find out how this affects your sleep.

visual of a woman using her computer late at night.

6. Bored to sleep

Find out if attachment to an interactive gaming experience can influence sleep.

visual of a tablet with multiple notifications.

7. Control yourself

Tips to those struggling with self-control around devices.

visual of people using their mobile phones and other devices.

8. The other way around 

The final installment of the collection explains how technology can contribute to better sleep.

Prof. Mike Gradisar comments on the importance of letting users make technology work for them at bedtime. 

“There’s a surprising disconnect between the actual science on ‘technology use before sleep’ and the sleep myths propagated in the media. Our podcast series guides users on how to use technology to their advantage and dispels many of the deeply ingrained ideas of what screen time use before sleep should look like.”

The ‘Screens and technology’ series will answer those tricky questions on sleep alongside your favorite devices AND guide you on how to make the tech work for your sleep. So go on – enjoy some screen time and tune into our latest sleep program.

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