Close your eyes and imagine walking through your own private sound library where every composition, meditation guide and story is designed to help you fully relax, feel safe and sleepy. Sleep Aid fills this function on Sleep Cycle’s app.  

Sleep Aid, which is accessed via the sleep tab where you set your alarm, opens up a world of sleep stories for adults, relaxing guides, music and poetry, sounds (including white noise) and ambience. The content is designed not to overstimulate or keep you up – but to help you fall asleep.

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Our sounds to help you fall asleep

Available on the homepage of the app, you can browse a wide selection of sleep sounds and tracks to listen to:   

Sleep Stories for adults

Soothing bedtime stories for adults. Popular stories include ‘The Lighthouse’, with Alexander Skarsgård:

Sleep music

Our entire range of sleep compositions and a selection of classical sleep music that will lull you to sleep.

Shoreline Music – A single lead from a cello, performed on the shoreline cliffs.

Sleep meditation guides

‘Guides’ is especially well suited if you’re slightly stressed or tense, as its content is created to calm down your mind and body.

Sleep Coaching

A series of sleep programs created by Sleep Science Coach Maestro, Tom Middleton. Tom’s designed music to help us fall asleep with the help of science.

Bedtime Rhymes

Why stop at music, when you can also listen to sleep poetry before nodding off. Wonderful and witty, yet a deeply relaxing way to fall asleep

White noise and more

Separated into ambience, spatial sound and ASMR, this collection helps you cozy up with three-dimensional audio, white noise, or the sounds of scratching clothes, to name a few.

Thunder and rain.

Sleep Aid settings to suit you

Incorporating Sleep Aid into your regular sleep routine is the perfect way to create a habit that will actively contribute to improving your sleep quality, efficiency and sleep onset latency

Once you’ve carved out the time to enjoy some special Sleep Aid time before bed, also adjust the time frame within your ‘Profile’ for how long you wish the sound to continue for. You can set a time frame between 15 to 90 minutes and as the track reaches its end, any ambient sounds will slowly fade out, to avoid disturbing you once you’ve fallen asleep.

What our users say about Sleep Aid:

The sound of the heavy rain helps me an enormous amount. I find it hard to get off to sleep and this does the trick.” 

iPhone user, U.K.

Listening to stories is the best feature of this app. They take my own thoughts away and by using imagery of the narrator descriptions and focusing only on that I drift off to sleep before the stories end. Excellent tool for people who have trouble shutting their own thoughts off.” 

iPhone user, U.S.A.

Undoubtedly amazing, it is helping me a lot with my sleep.”

Android user, Portugal

Helps me fall asleep faster, sleep better and longer than anything else does. Would recommend this to anybody who likes sleeping.”

Android user, U.K.

So whether you’re looking for an immersive experience by a forest pond or want to listen to rain sounds, ocean waves and the sound of white noise as you drift off to sleep, chances are there’s a relaxing Sleep Aid track just for you. And bedding in this practice each day will help you fall asleep faster and on your way to a deeper, longer and more restful night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

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