At Sleep Cycle, we’re on a mission to improve sleep worldwide. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of “The Lighthouse”, a relaxing sleep story about traveling across oceans and finding our way back home again, read by Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Alexander Skarsgård. Best known for his roles in True Blood, Tarzan and Big Little Lies, Skarsgård most recently joined the cast of HBO’s Succession.  

“As a Swedish native, I was honored to collaborate with Sleep Cycle on this project,” said Skarsgård. “It’s my hope that the soothing journey within ‘The Lighthouse’ brings listeners the peace and relaxation they need for a good night’s sleep.” 

This latest addition to our vast Sleep Aid library was created to bring our users rest and comfort through a soothing story read by a familiar voice. 

Novelist and Sleep Cycle’s Head of Content Andreas Roman wrote ‘The Lighthouse’ specifically with Alexander Skarsgård in mind. “I’ve followed his work for years. The very specific and compassionate approach he takes in everything he does became the voice for this story. Hearing his voice bring the story to life through his interpretation of the piece made it all the more special. His performance is a truly powerful and strong one.” 

Incorporating sleep stories into one’s bedtime routine can help reduce stress and relax the mind for a good night’s sleep. “The Lighthouse” will join our Sleep Aid library of carefully curated and beautifully produced meditations and music, ASMR, soundscapes and stories.  

You can learn more about Sleep Cycle’s Sleep Aid library and listen to “The Lighthouse” written by Andreas Roman and narrated by Alexander Skarsgård here.