One of the best presents you can give yourself is a regular, recurring window of sleep. The more consistent your sleep routine becomes, the more positive the outcome on your sleep quality and overall health.  But establishing a consistent bedtime routine can be challenging when there’s always one more thrilling episode to watch on TV or one more social media post to scroll through. Enter: Sleep Goal.

Sleep Cycle’s Sleep goal feature helps you set a weekly sleep goal and schedule your wake-up time and bedtime to take charge and further improve your sleep routine and habits.


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Who should use the Sleep Goal feature?

Sleep needs vary from person to person and are very much determined by genetics and age. But the overall recommendations for adults are 7-9 hours (including naps). You don’t need a sleep calculator app to tell you how much sleep you need to feel rested.   But if you find yourself dragging through the day, feeling tired, or if you’re looking for more consistency in your sleep routine,  Sleep Goal can help you establish and keep a regular bedtime and wake time, ultimately clocking in your needed hours of sleep.

Why take charge of your sleep regularity?

Sleep irregularity has been linked to a 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease, greater obesity, hypertension and diabetes. It has also been associated with increased perceived stress and depression. 

We can’t control how much we sleep. But we are in control of creating the ideal conditions for a good night’s rest. Going to bed and waking up close to the same time every day is key

Screenshots of the Sleep Goal feature in the Sleep Cycle app.

The feature helps you curb sleep irregularity by 

  • planning a consistent sleep routine according to your chronotype, every day of the week, which will stick long-term.
  • reminding you when it’s time to prepare for bed and waking you up at the same time – including weekends.
  • reminding you how to use other app features for the perfect, personalized routine.
  • working with valuable insights into sleep patterns and sleep quality from the sleep tracker, making it a fun and engaging journey towards better sleep.

To set your sleep goal – the bedtime and wake time you aim for every day – ask yourself how you feel when you wake up. There are no apps or bedtime calculators that can tell you what time you should go to bed. But study your sleep quality and regularity score in our app to see where there’s room for improvement.

What our users say about Sleep Goal: 

Sleep Cycle shows you your usual bedtime, in addition to giving you tips to improve your sleep. As a consequence, it helps you stick to regularity, which works against a jet lag effect so you feel rested during the day.

Android user, U.K

Provides me with data about the regularity and quality of my sleep, and helps me to note factors that would have contributed to my sleep. 5/5. Just get it!

Android user, U.S.A

Whether you’re nocturnal or an early riser, your body will benefit from a regular sleep schedule. Sleep Cycle’s Sleep Goal feature empowers you to take your sleep and health into your own hands. It gives you consistent sleep habits that work for you and brings you closer to the best possible sleep. If you are looking for a feature to help fix your sleep schedule, track your progress and maintain a regular sleep routine, Sleep Goal is your new best friend.

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