Sleep trackers have leveled the playing field for millions of sleepers who in the past could only track their sleep in a clinical setting or through a sleep diary. Sleep Cycle has always been at the forefront of exciting innovations in sleep tracking technology. With the ability to record your snoring and sleep to provide the most valuable insights, our app gives users a chance to understand their sleep patterns and take important steps toward improving their sleep.


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The best way to track your sleep

With sleep and wellbeing so intertwined, the sleep tracking function is invaluable for a number of reasons:

  • No more manual logs in a sleep diary. It shows you the state of your sleep and then allows you to choose whether this is information you want to act on or store it for another time.
  • It allows for an objective sleep analysis.
  • It measures sleep quality and sleep patterns. Even medical professionals can use this information to help diagnose a potential disorder.
  • It’s an affordable and convenient way to help you understand your sleep.   
  • Tracking sleep can serve as the motivational tool people need to make appropriate lifestyle changes. Discover if you snore and how your habits affect your sleep.

More than just an app that records your snoring and sleep

Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns, movements and sounds through sound detection (microphone) or through motion (accelerometer). 

Sleep Phases

Throughout the night you will sleep through several different cycles and within your app, your journal view will show you what times you move from deep sleep to light sleep to fully awake.

Sleep Quality

How well are you sleeping? In your sleep analysis you can see a breakdown of factors that impact your sleep. 

Sleep Duration

This may seem obvious, but Sleep Cycle will monitor not only how long you’ve slept, but also how long it takes you to fall asleep, i.e. your sleep efficiency.


One of the best presents you can give yourself is a regular, recurring window of sleep. The more consistent your sleep routine becomes, the more positive the outcome on your sleep quality and overall health.  

Sleep and snore recordings

Sleep Cycle will pick up different sounds, such as snoring, coughing, a noisy partner and so on. This can tell you whether there is something disturbing your sleep and health, allowing you to take action accordingly.

Sleep notes

Entering information about lifestyle choices (exercise, food, caffeine to name a few) can be an illuminating way to see how much your sleep is affected by your habits and is a powerful way to make more informed choices. 

To view all functions and features in detail, take a look at our guide to the app’s features.

Sleep Cycle is also available for Apple Watch

Sleep Cycle is an autonomous sleep tracking tool and also works with certain smartwatches. For example, if you have an Apple Watch, the watch will analyze your sleep (through motion detection) and then transfer the analysis to your phone – you can view it on your phone whenever is convenient for you.

What our users say about our Sleep Tracking:

There are so many unique features that give great insight into my sleep habits. The graphs that display data show how my sleep habits changed from high school, through college, and now into my career. I plan to continue using this app for the foreseeable future.

iPhone user, U.S.A.

Sleep Cycle is an exceptional application. The macro/micro analysis that is built in is phenomenal and extremely accurate. As someone who has had major sleep problems for many years, this application validated my concerns. With its many graphs, global comparisons, and fantastic audio analysis, it’s a very useful tool in managing sleep disorders. I would highly recommend!”

iPhone user, U.S.A.

1200 nights and counting! This app is sleek and easy to use. The data is amazing, the scores and graphs match my fitbit data within a reasonable margin of error. It’s totally changed my relationship with sleep for the better. The smart alarm is the sort of thing you never knew you needed until you have it. Never looking back!”

Android user, U.S.A.

Sleep Cycle’s Sleep tracking tool empowers users to take their sleep and health into their own hands. The devil may be in the detail, but with Sleep Cycle’s Sleep Tracking, this detail will also give you the bigger picture of your overall health and figure out cause and effect, what you can change or maintain, to sleep, feel and live better.

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