Surrounded by eager kids and visiting relatives, falling asleep or undisrupted sleep on Christmas Eve may seem like mission impossible. Add an old slightly overweight man that comes sliding in through your chimney in the middle of the night to that equation and you know you’re in for a challenge. Escaping your kids and relatives to keep your sleep quality score high might be tricky. They kinda come with the Christmas package. However, we know how you can minimize the risk of Santa disrupting your sleep. Here’s what you need to do to sleep or, actually, be able to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. 

1. Tracking is key

First and foremost, use Google Santa Tracker to plan your evening and night. This way you will be able to make sure you stay up late enough to not wake up too early. And go to bed early enough to make sure you have time to fall asleep before he is bound for your house.

2. Eliminate the risk of children waking up

Secondly, if you have kids, get them to bed on time. Read them a very long boring bedtime story that will put them to sleep in no time (let’s pretend this works on Christmas Eve). Tuck them in tightly to avoid involuntary rolling out of bed. Once they’re out. Place all stuffed animals you have at hand around the walls of the room, they will help keep it soundproof, acting as extra insulation. Close the bedroom door and place a sign on the door that says “Be aware sleeping children, not where Christmas tree is to be found”, in case Santa gets lost and starts wandering around.

3. Reindeer treats

Keep the reindeer happy. Waking up from reindeer stomping your roof cause they’re bored or impatient is not a great wake-up. They like leafy greens, mushrooms, eggs, and arctic char. On occasion, they are also known to have a weakness for carrots and apples. Arctic char might be tricky to come by, but I bet you can scramble for some apples and carrots to keep them happy while they wait for their master to slide down the chimney (and back up again, however that works). Never mind the neighbors wondering faces as you climb up on your roof to set the reindeer buffet. You can rest assured you got it all planned out, and they have no clue what they’re (not) doing. Want to learn more about reindeers? Here’s some information from Santas veterinarian.

4. Clear a path for Santa

Regardless of whether Santa comes through the fireplace or ventilation shaft (John McClane style), freeing up space around his point of entry is very important. You wouldn’t want to wake up to jolly old Saint Nick all tangled up in glitter with trimmings all up in his face. Therefore as a win-win, minimize fire hazards and let the poor man go about his business without a bunch of hurdles to get through.

5. Scrap the cookies

Don’t forget cookies are crunchy and crumbly. The sound of Santa chewing them risks waking you up and the crumbs left over are bound to give you clean up in the morning. And to be fair, does Santa really need more sugar? I bet what he’s craving after all those cookies at the neighbors is something a bit more fresh and healthy. You still want to make sure it can be gulped up in a minute tho, though he’s pressed on time. A salad won’t do it. How about turning his obligatory glass of milk into a healthy smoothie instead? Here are a couple of ideas.

6. Keep Santa connected

Internet connection is key. What if Santa needs to look up directions and doesn’t have cell phone reception? What if he’s decided to become an influencer this year, and just recently activated his Instagram? Building an online presence is super important nowadays, in order to stay central and top of mind. You wouldn’t want to risk him having to wake you up to ask for the wifi password now, would you? For the benefit of all, scribble the hostname and password down and place it next to the smoothie for convenience.

7. For this time, don’t use earplugs

Finally, earplugs are essential and ever so necessary. One would think. But here’s what we’re thinking. If all other measurements fail and you still wake up, it’s probably meant to be. It’s nice for Santa to know that if he is in distress someone will wake up to assist him. Imagine he’s stuck in the chimney, or his beard gets caught in the Christmas tree decorations. You wouldn’t want to be the reason he’s not able to finish his route, would you? For Santa’s sake, leave the earplugs be on Christmas Eve. You might be his only hope if something unexpected happens.

Good night, sleep tight. Make sure you get some good sleep on Christmas Eve night. Do not fear, with these tips you’ll be all ready to join the holiday cheer.