Android users no longer need to keep their devices in bed with them at night. Sleep Cycle’s patented sound analysis technology now eliminates the need for wearable sleep trackers and devices placed in bed.

“We created Sleep Cycle to make mornings better for everyone and have been working diligently to make our app even better for Android users,” said Maciek Drejak, founder of Sleep Cycle alarm clock and CEO of Northcube, the developer studio behind the app. “Today, iOS and Android users alike can benefit from the best sleep tracking available—without having any devices in their bed.”

Effective Sound Analysis Sleep Tracking

Sleep Cycle alarm clock for Android utilizes the phone’s microphone and machine learning to identify and track movements in bed and distinguish different sleep phases. The sound analysis algorithm listens to sounds of bed sheets moving, with a 30 cm (10 inches) accuracy. While identifying and filtering out all sounds that are not generated from the user’s movements in bed. Sleep Cycle analyzes users’ sleep, records findings and then wakes them during their lightest sleep phase. The app also generates nightly sleep reports and detailed sleep graphs, tracks long-term sleep trends, and logs how daily activities impact sleep quality.

Notable features include:

  • Detailed sleep statistics and sleep graphs for every night
  • Long-term graphs to track sleep quality over time
  • Sleep notes to track how events such as drinking coffee
  • Customizable wake-up window—from instant to 90 minutes
  • Customizable snooze settings
  • 15 carefully selected, high-quality alarm melodies or the option to choose own music
  • Background mode so users can set a regular alarm while Sleep Cycle sleep analysis continues in the background

Patented Tech for a Good Night’s Sleep

At the core of the Sleep Cycle alarm clock app are two different sound analysis technology patents. The first allows the app to identify the most advantageous moment for a sleeping person to be awakened in a given interval of time, and the second allows the app to track sleep using sound so users don’t need their mobile device’s accelerometer and don’t need to have their device in bed with them.

Sleep Cycle is the only app in both iOS and Google Play to offer these functionalities, the first ever to launch on iOS, and the most popular intelligent alarm clock in the world.