Sleep Cycle Presents

It is my pleasure to introduce Mubert – a music platform powered by AI. Mubert is the first guest in our Sleep Cycle Presents series. During the month of May, you can experience a new category in sleep aid – enhanced sleep music generated by Mubert’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Created specifically for Sleep Cycle users, it’s a perfect complement to the Sleep Cycle Sleep Aid program, which already includes everything from our own music to poetry, relaxation guides, and storytelling. All designed by experts to help you prepare for sleep.

Relax to the music – and sleep well.

Andreas Roman, Head of Content, Sleep Cycle

Explore the following tracks of sleep music by Mubert 

1 Celestial creek – Lollygag in the fleece of ethereal music, composed by Mubert’s algorithms generated by AI.

2 Aquascape– Experience stillness and tranquility to nymphaea’s songs, generated by Mubert’s AI algorithms.

3 Rainbow piano – Fall asleep to piano music from the rainbows, performed by Mubert’s AI.

4 AI’s lullaby – Wind down to celestial rhythms composed by AI from Mubert.

5 Twilight airglow – Your thoughts, drifting away, to a hypnotic composition by Mubert’s AI.

Imagine your own personal lullaby, created to help you fall asleep. Seamlesss, never-ending music that gets better and more effective with every listen. Always fresh and new – yet always familiar. That’s what Mubert is aiming for.

Mubert’s innovative AI-powered music technology generates streams of original music, based on algorithms and personal preferences and feedback, to enhance performance, motivation and creativity. Now Mubert is turning to sleep. 

So what’s Mubert’s take on soothing music for sleep and relaxation? Let’s hear from Founder and CEO, Alexey Kochetkov.

Mubert AI music – what are we really talking about here?

AI-generated music is something new; it has its own rules, culture and community. It opens the new dimensions in personalized, functional music that never stops, never repeats itself, and continuously improves thanks to user feedback. 

The “raw material” for our music consists of human-made sounds from hundreds of musicians and their instruments. So the sound quality is really something: clear, organic, prominent. Artificial Intelligence analyses this material and generates music, complete with dynamics, such as build-ups and climaxes. By providing basic feedback (like/dislike), you can train the music to sound how you want it. 

How did this music come about? What was the inspiration?

The idea came to me during a run. Health and music are passions of mine – so you could say it came naturally. As we see it, the power – the science – of music can enhance so many aspects of daily life. So, we developed an algorithm that could compose music that continues in the same mood and feeling without disruptions. Seamless, ever-evolving music that is always new.

At first our focus was on motivating runners, improving performance with music that syncs perfectly with each runner’s natural or desired stride. We soon realized that AI-generated music can enhance other activities, such as study, yoga, meditation, and creative work. But every activity ultimately depends on a good night’s sleep. That’s why we are focusing so much right now on generating a new approach, a new culture in sleep music. 

How can music improve sleep?

Science shows that slow, repetitive music can help regulate blood pressure to promote deep relaxation and prepare for sleep. Lullabies have a sedative effect as the heart rate synchronizes with the slow tempo of the music. 

But everybody is different. Sleep is personal – and your sleep music should be, too. That’s why our main idea is to personalize the music experience and let people train their own AI. 

After all, there is no universal solution when it comes to sleep music. Some people prefer white noises, others forest sounds. Some people sleep with light piano music and others love the combination of ambient music with water sounds and pink noise. You can hear the difference on the playlist of pre-generated tracks Mubert has created for Sleep Cycle app users.

What would I like to say to Sleep Cycle users?

Well, I have been using the Sleep Cycle app for years on a daily basis. It’s how I learned about the concept of sleep quality – and why we are so excited to collaborate with Sleep Cycle on our sleep music playlist. We created this sleep aid music to be a natural complement to all the meditative, relaxing content in the Sleep Cycle Sleep Aid program. So, listen to the guest tracks. Find the one that works best for you.