When it comes to better sleep, there is often the common misconception that only our bedtime habits determine the outcome of our nighttime sleep. And while this is important, what tends to get overlooked is that our daytime habits can have an equally major impact on our sleep quality and sleep onset.  

Sleep Cycle addresses this in the latest ‘Sleep Program’ collection – ‘Daytime Hacks’. ‘Daytime Hacks’ contains thirteen programs with clever sleep hacks that you can do – or habits that you should limit and adjust –  during the day to improve your sleep at night.


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‘Daytime hacks’ – Improve your sleep habits during the day

Part of our ‘Sleep Programs’ collection, the ‘Daytime Hacks’ suite of micro programs is suitable whether you’re a strong sleeper or suffer from poor sleep. It is for anyone who wants to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep and learn to fall asleep easier. It also ‘shines a light’ on poor daytime habits that disrupt sleep.

Sleep Cycle’s 13 ‘Daytime Hack’ guides 

Visual representing the circadian rhythm

1. Your circadian rhythm 

A video module with Sleep Cycle’s Sleep Expert, Dr. Li Åslund explaining how the circadian rhythm works and finding your rhythm.

Visual representing the benefit of light on our bodies.

2. The benefits of light

How can morning light help us sleep better at night? Find out how daylight is the perfect antidote to evening screenlight.

Visual representing how light has impact on the circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.

3. Light listen

A short podcast with Sleep Cycle’s Head of Sleep Science, Prof. Mike Gradisar on the impact light has on our circadian rhythm and sleep pattern.

Visual representing how important is to get some daylight.

4. Get some daylight

Get your trainers on and join us for a walk. Listen to Alexander Skarsgård recite a story about light, while you catch some essential daylight.

Abstract – “Light listen” by Prof. Mike Gradisar.
Visual representing the importance of sleep for our wellbeing.

5. Physical and mental health

An audio module detailing the benefits of daytime exercise, for your physical and mental wellbeing as well as your sleep at night.

visual showing a man meditating

6. Breathe and relax

An audio program with a guided breathing exercise. You can practice this at any time during the day to promote a restful night’s sleep.

visual showing a woman exercising

7. Low intense exercise

What’s the link between sleep and daytime exercise? Learn more in this program on low intensity exercise.

woman showing a woman going for a walk

8. Go for a walk

Walking is a wonderful remedy to combat poor sleep. Take a walk and enjoy our carefully selected sleep aid stories.

visual showing a cup of coffee and different hours of the day.

9. Caffeine limits

Does your morning cup of coffee really mess with your sleep at night or are there any benefits at all with the caffeine hit you get with your cup of joe? Tap into this illuminating program on caffeine and sleep. 

visual showing the "coffee" sleep note in the Sleep Cycle app.

10. Note your caffeine

Sleep Cycle can help you track your caffeine intake and link it to your sleep quality. Check out this program to find out how.

visual showing a clock and different chronotypes.

11. Power Napping

Dig deeper into the science behind the perfect power nap and how it can help you sleep better at night.

visual of a man taking a nap.

12. Take a nap

If you want to try a power nap, do it to music designed especially for this purpose and perfectly timed for a refreshing nap – that is –  not too long and not too short.

visual of different bottles of alcohol.

13. Alcohol

Alcohol has a bigger impact on our sleep than the combined effects from all our devices. Find out more by listening to our Head of Sleep Science, Prof. Mike Gradisar in this illuminating podcast on alcohol and sleep.

Abstract – “Alcohol” by Prof. Mike Gradisar.

Sleep Cycle’s Sleep Expert, Dr. Li Åslund who contributed to this collection of sleep programs captures the essence of ‘Daytime Hacks’: 

“When working on improving sleep, we have a natural tendency to focus on evening behaviors or sleep itself. But what we do during the day is just as important as anything else when it comes to sleep health. Understanding how our everyday actions impact our sleep rhythm allows us to use this to our advantage and take small steps towards better sleep, every day”

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