The World Health Organization (WHO) defines stress as: ‘Any type of change that causes physical, emotional or psychological strain and our body’s response to anything that requires attention or action.’ We are all likely to experience stress at some point in our lives, but how we respond to stress and choose to work through it, has a major impact on our wellbeing. 

At Sleep Cycle, we have long understood the reciprocal relationship between stress and sleep deprivation. Stress can play havoc on sleep, which in turn can add to your stress levels and anxiety around bedtime, thus perpetuating the pattern of poor sleep.

Whether you’re a current user, or someone looking for a sleep application to help with sleep, rest and recuperation – ‘Sleep Programs’ could be your game changer.


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Relax from stress’: stress relief tools to improve sleep

This is Sleep Cycle’s basic program on stress and emotions. A program that can be practiced at any level – it provides tools to handle stress and improve sleep.  It’s suitable for those who wish to:

Screenshot of the Sleep Program "Relax from Stress"
  • Understand how stress and emotion can influence sleep
  • Try techniques to calm stress and improve sleep
  • Test different breathing techniques for relaxation 
  • Explore body scans at bedtime
  • Practice muscle relaxation exercises  
  • Help relax and wind down before bed

Guides within ‘Relax from stress’

‘Relax from stress’ is a category within ‘Sleep Programs’ that contains eight guides with audio, relaxation techniques and text modules –  all focused on stress and anxiety and its connection to sleep.

Visual of the "Stress and emotions" guide

Stress and emotions

A module explaining how strong emotions influence the body’s signal system, which in turn can affect sleep. It walks you through scientifically proven ways to deal with this. 

Visual of the "Breathe, scan, relax" guide.

Breathe, scan, relax

Dr. Li Åslund, sleep expert at Sleep Cycle, speaks on the power of breathing and how it can put a damper on stress levels in an enlightening podcast. 

Abstract – “Breathe, scan, relax” by Dr. Li Åslund.
Visual of the guide "Breathing I"

Breathing I

An audio exercise, guiding you through simple breathing exercises to calm emotions. These can be practiced at any time of the day, but are especially helpful at bedtime, when anxiety stops you from finding sleep. 

Visual of the guide "Breathing II".

Breathing II

A second audio exercise focused on breathing to help push worry and anxiety away. Use this as a way to relax before bedtime.

Audio exercise – “Breathing I”
Visual of the guide "Body Scan I"

Body scan I

This introduces our users to a meditation technique, through an audio exercise that anchors them in the present and aims to push stress away. 

Visual of the guide "Body Scan II"

Body scan II

A meditation technique that helps you focus on the signals from your body, dampening stress and creating room for your mind to wind down and welcome sleep. 

Visual of the guide "Muscle relaxation I"

Muscle relaxation I

Releasing tension in the body, is sometimes all it takes to help coax your body and mind to sleep. This audio exercise does this with guided muscle relaxation techniques. 

Visual of the guide "Muscle relaxation II"

Muscle relaxation II

An excellent audio exercise module to help the body wind down. 


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‘Sleep Programs’ is a collection designed to inform our users on a wide range of sleep-related topics and the link between physical and mental wellbeing with how well you sleep and fall asleep. The collection also includes exercises and techniques to help improve sleep. Check them out:

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