Sleep Cycle’s latest feature launch, ‘Sleep Programs’ has created a buzz amongst early adopters and test groups with its original collection of science-based sleep-training programs. ‘Sleep Programs’ is created by Sleep Cycle’s sleep experts and is a unique approach to improving sleep and educating on sleep-related topics, as it provides personalized, interactive and guided training. It’s an excellent tool to complement existing features, such as ‘Sleep Aid’, ‘Sleep Goal’ and  ‘Smart Alarm’. 


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Sleep Programs explained

The ‘Sleep Programs’ collection covers a wide-range of sleep topics, such as relaxing at bedtime, breathing exercises, sleep chronotypes, the link between exercise and sleep and more. 

  • The programs are delivered on an interactive platform and cater to each users’ needs.
  • Short quizzes and Q&A modules help guide the user to sleep programs that best serve their purpose, allowing them to set goals and exercises for themselves. For example, if a user experiences anxiety interfering with their sleep at night, the programs recommended will likely involve those that help relax the mind and fence in disruptive thought patterns earlier in the day, to promote a better night’s sleep.  
  • A range of tools, such as podcasts, structured exercises, sleep music and more is at the user’s disposal as they immerse themselves into the ‘Sleep Programs’ experience.

Four sleep topics in focus

The first installment of ‘Sleep Programs’ includes the topics listed below. Each theme has a subset of programs to allow the user to dig deeper into a subject matter, allowing them to cherry pick between exercises and educational information suitable for their needs – at a time that suits them.  

  • Relax from stress – as the title suggests, this is our program on stress and emotions. A program accessible for any level, it provides tools to handle stress and improve sleep.
  • Daytime hacks – We love life hacks and even more so daytime hacks that can help improve sleep. The program gives suggestions on actions users can take during daytime and when they’re awake, to help them fall asleep with ease and contribute to restful sleep during the night. 
  • Relax the mind – This collection provides training on thoughts and sleep. It’s a cognitive toolkit to help users deal with nighttime anxiety and worries. 
  • Bedroom hacks – With this program, we share all our best tips, based on years of experience on how to optimize the bedroom environment and give users the best chances of falling asleep and enjoying a deep, reinvigorating night’s sleep.

Backed by science, created by sleep experts

Sleep Cycle commands the world’s biggest set of sleep data and continuously analyzes and interprets sleep data. To date, we have analyzed over 2 billion nights and counting. This uniquely positions Sleep Cycle to create tailored, interactive sleep-training experiences for users at an individual level. 

Sleep Cycle’s Sleep Expert, Li Åslund Ph.D., and Prof Mike Gradisar, Head of Sleep Science, both contributed to developing ‘Sleep Programs’. They share their thoughts: 

Li: “In Sleep Cycle’s “Sleep Programs”,  users are encouraged to try exercises from a range of methods that focus on both cognitive and behavioral aspects of sleep. As a clinical psychologist, I know that finding what works for you is an important step in improving your sleep quality and maintaining that improvement over time.”

Mike: “Sleep Cycle’s ‘Sleep Programs’ is a science-based sleep training application now widely available in an accessible way to our users. It translates complicated sleep science into digestible education, complemented with exercises, which together help to improve sleep quality.“

Is ‘Sleep Programs’ for me? 

Surveys conducted on user groups show that a vast number of Sleep Cycle users wish to both improve their sleep and gain a better understanding of how sleep works. Whether you’re a user that simply enjoys waking up with the ‘Smart Alarm’ or analyzing and tracking your sleep, this new feature complements our existing sleep-toolkit. 

  • It gives helpful advice and techniques to improve sleep quality. 
  • It’s a tool that can help inform and educate on a vast array of sleep-related topics. 
  • It has structured training sessions to match your individual sleep needs. 

If you’ve been looking for a holistic approach to sleep, ‘Sleep Programs’ combined with Sleep Cycle’s other features – is most likely just the ticket. Check them out:

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