We’ve been talking a lot lately, so today we just want to remind you to keep it regular. That window for sleep you defined? Take it seriously. It’s your key to better rest. In time, we’ll help you tweak it and make it wider. But for now, just stick to it.

And don’t forget to chip away at that habit you decided to change. You got two things in motion now. That’s great progress.

But sometimes, stuff goes down and you can’t be regular even though you’re trying your hardest. From time to time, life finds a way to get in your way.

Don’t panic over this. Training takes time. That’s how you learn. Through learning, what was once perceived as effort, eventually becomes second nature to you. It’s not just an idea, it’s how the brain works.

And the way to that place is littered with stumbles and cancels, wrong turns and dead ends. Each time you slip, you’re one experience closer to better sleep.

Until tomorrow, Sleep Cycle with Martin Reed from Insomnia Coach®

The contents of this article is of general character and intended for informational purposes only. The information is not adapted after your individual sleep quality or health status. It does not constitute and is not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never replace any advice given to you by your physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Contact your healthcare provider if you have specific medical needs or require medical advice.

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