Sleep is something we have in common with all mankind. It is simply one of the most important tasks the mind and body have to carry out. Sleep helps us ward off diseases, stay physically and mentally healthy and fit. For something so critical – how much do you know about sleep? Time to test your skills!


Question 1.

Sleep quality and sleep quantity are both important. How many hours of sleep does a healthy 18-60-year-old adult need on an average night?

Question 2.

Studies show that sleep deprivation (lack of sleep) negatively impacts your training and exercise results. Your endurance takes a hit and you get tired faster as you exercise.

Question 3.

Sleep Cycle’s app provides insight (and a percentage value) into our sleep efficiency. What does sleep efficiency tell us about our sleep?

Question 4.

Which sleep stage is associated with sleep paralysis?

Question 5.

What is melatonin?

Question 6.

We all dream, but may not always remember our dreams.

Question 7.

In which country, according to Sleep Cycle’s data, do women snore the most?

Question 8.

Which of the following is NOT a Parasomnia?

Question 9.

What is the optimal length of a power nap?

Question 10.

Which of the following have an internal body clock (aka circadian rhythm)?

Do you want to know more about your own sleep?

Sleep is the motor and engine that keeps our body-powered and mind sharp. Curious to learn more about easy, healthy sleep habits you can adopt or understand how well you may be sleeping? Get started with Sleep Cycle Premium for free!