Since its inception, users have flocked to the Sleep Cycle app to help them sleep better. Many users, first attracted to the app for the Smart Alarm (which helps you wake up in a light sleep phase, avoiding that groggy feeling) then discover Sleep Aid (a vast library of music, sounds, stories and meditations all designed to help you nod off easily) and many other functions that soon become their favorite – can’t-live-without- app feature. So which feature is the most relevant for your sleep needs?  And what can the app tell you about your sleep? Take the quiz to find out more.  


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1. You need to hit the snooze button a few times before you get up.

2. How do you typically feel when you wake up?

3. Do you wake up every day at the same time (including weekends)?

4. What does your work schedule look like?

5. How do you usually feel during the day?

6. Choose one of the statements that define your sleep the most:

7. What do you usually do a few hours before bedtime?

8. Once you get into bed, do you typically fall asleep immediately?

9. Have you ever been told that you snore or you suddenly woke up from noise/sound but couldn’t find out the source?

10. What would you like to improve with your sleep?

The most relevant Sleep Cycle app feature for your sleep needs is:

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Smart Alarm clock

Sleep Cycle's alarm clock screenshot

For people who always wake up tired, it may take them a while until they feel fully awake. 

Sleep Cycle’s app tracks your sleep patterns and the Smart Alarm wakes you up when you’re in your lightest sleep phase, helping you feel rested and recovered as you rise to face the day. 

Remember - Waking up rested is all about timing.  While you sleep, you go through a cycle of sleep phases. The first phase is light sleep, followed by deep sleep and REM sleep. A full sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes and is normally repeated several times throughout the night. If you wake up during deep sleep, you’ll most likely feel something called “sleep inertia - that feeling of grogginess and disorientation, making it even harder to wake up. Our app then wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase to help you avoid this feeling, using a predefined 30-minute alarm window.

Sleep Goal

Visual representing Sleep Goal feature in the Sleep Cycle app

For people that need to be more consistent and regular in their sleep to improve their night rest. 

The more consistent you are with your sleep routine, the more beneficial it will be for your sleep quality and overall health. This feature allows you to set the time when you should go to bed and wake up, either for all days of the week or just for weekdays. The app will then send you a daily reminder to wind down and go to bed so that you can achieve your daily sleep goal. The key is to help you get the regularity your sleep needs and set a healthy sleep routine - which doesn’t happen overnight! 

Sleep Aid

Screenshot of the Sleep Aid feature in the Sleep Cycle app

For people struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep or who recognize the need to create a relaxing sleep routine. 

Sleep Cycle offers an extensive sound library with music, meditations and stories. These sleep aids help reduce anxiety, relax your body, calm your breathing or simply provide you with some comfort.

We compose, write, produce and record this material ourselves, to offer a unique experience for you.  If you are new to this sort of listening practice or just feel slightly more stressed than before, the guides are optimal to start with as they suit both beginners and experienced practitioners. Did you know that calming music can decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and improve sleep efficiency?

Reports and Sleep notes

Screenshot of reports and sleep notes feature in the Sleep Cycle app

These features are ideal for people who wish to understand their sleep further or find out more about their sleep habits, and what affects their sleep patterns. It’s also suitable for people that are experiencing changes or have less sleep or energy during any given day. 

With its patented sound analysis technology, Sleep Cycle’s app listens to your sounds and provides you with an analysis of your sleep. It correlates its findings with your habits, external factors and daily activities (sleep notes) and helps you figure out the activities that positively or negatively impact your sleep.  The results of the sleep analysis are presented as insights, graphs and trends, providing tailored guidance on what and how you can change to improve your sleep and overall health.

‘No size fits all’ is a fitting statement when figuring out the sleep routines that will work for you. What works well for someone else, may just not be for you. Sleep Cycle’s app approaches sleep in a holistic manner, where anyone who wants to understand their own sleep better or make small, simple changes to help them sleep better, will find a whole toolkit of features at their disposal to help them make small changes that can stay with them a lifetime.