Exercising in the evening is not good for sleep whilst lack of sleep will pile on the pounds… All true or an old wives’ tale? Take our sleep quiz and get ready to bust some ingrained, but popular sleep myths! 


Question 1.

Regardless of the length, naps affect our night sleep in some way or another.

Question 2.

You can exercise a few hours before bedtime without it affecting your sleep.

Question 3.

The blue light emitted from screens does not really make it harder to fall asleep.

Question 4.

The more sleep someone gets, the better.

Question 5.

Among other attributes, a “good sleeper” has the ability to fall asleep anywhere and at any time.

Question 6.

Getting too little sleep may impact weight.

Question 7.

Remembering dreams is a sign of a good night’s sleep.

Question 8.

You can catch up on lost sleep on the weekends.

Question 9.

Teenagers need more sleep than adults.

Question 10.

You should never wake up a sleepwalker because there’s a risk of health complications.

Spotting sleep myths to promote better sleep habits

Being able to separate fact from fiction with regards to sleep is an important step in promoting better sleep habits and by doing so improving your sleep and overall health.  We hope the quiz has helped debunk some of the more popular sleep myths out there and that in the process you’ve picked up some helpful facts on sleep to help create new, sustainable sleep habits.