The fatigue experienced by those who suffer from insomnia has a far-reaching impact. It affects not only those who suffer from it, but can also have wider ramifications on their friends, family and even colleagues and co-workers. So how aware are you of the condition and how much do you think you know about insomnia? Time to test your skills!


Question 1.

What is the correct definition of insomnia?

Question 2.

What are the main types of insomnia?

Question 3.

What is the percentage of adults that struggle with chronic insomnia (globally)?

Question 4.

Men are more likely to suffer from insomnia than women due to physiological factors.

Question 5.

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted people’s sleep across all ages. Which of the following age groups, according to Sleep Cycle’s data, reported that it took them longer to fall asleep?

Question 6.

Which of the following foods or drinks can fight insomnia and improve sleep quality?

Question 7.

Insomnia increases the risk for stroke and contributes to a weaker immune system but doesn’t have great psychological/cognitive consequences.

Question 8.

Within Sleep Aid (a sound library of music, stories and meditations) in the Sleep Cycle app it is possible to browse and listen to different sleep-guided meditations. In which way can meditation help the onset of sleep?

Question 9.

What time of the year are we most susceptible to insomnia (*especially in those countries where Daylight Saving Time is adopted)?

Question 10.

Which of the following countries loses more working days (1.23 million) annually due to insomnia?

Do you want to know more about insomnia?

We hope the quiz has helped highlight not only what insomnia is, but also the wider effects of this condition when left untreated. If you suspect that you may be suffering from insomnia or another sleep-related disorder, do consult a physician, who can help with both diagnosis and relevant treatment. 

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