Sleep Cycle 5.2 now featuring iPad support

iPhone users have been able to wake up happy and rested since the first launch of Sleep Cycle alarm clock back in 2009. Now the time has come for iPad users to enjoy the luxury of a sweet gentle wake up in the morning. Introducing Sleep Cycle 5.2 with full iPad support.

Sleep Cycle 5.2 features the very same groundbreaking patented sound technology first seen and loved on iPhone with the release of Sleep Cycle 5.0 is now available on iPad. Download Sleep Cycle to your iPad now, just like the iPhone version it is free to download and works just as well with two persons in bed.

Once downloaded, start the application before going to bed, place the iPad screen down next to your bed and you can rest assure Sleep Cycle will take care of the rest, making sure you wake up at the perfect time feeling rested in a good mood. The same well known Sleep Cycle sleep graphs will be available, giving you the information you need to figure out your sleep patterns and find ways to optimize your lifestyle and improve your sleep.


Sleep Cycle 5.2 iPad analyzes your sleep

Sleep Cycle 5.2 iPad works just as well for two persons in bed

Sleep Cycle 5.2 iPad Compare stats tot he world










Download Sleep Cycle alarm clock iPhone

Download Sleep Cycle alarm clock for iPad

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